July 06, 2008

Mas Media A series of delays ensued, which bordered on absurdity, but eventually after interminable airport waitings and a long taxi journey through the coastal deserts (a 2m hole had appeared in the runway at Chiclayo overnight prior to our arrival, so we made the final leg of our journey from Trujillo 3 hours south) we arrived at Pimental, a small coastal town just to the West of Chiclayo where Lakshmi, Rob and Purdie had made their home. <img src="https://quantumlifebodyworks.typepad.com/weblog/simon's dreaming .jpg" width="480" height="319" alt="simon's dreaming .jpg" /> <img src="https://quantumlifebodyworks.typepad.com/weblog/Dan in Peru Truchillo.jpg" width="319" height="480" alt="Dan in Peru Truchillo.jpg" /> <img src="https://quantumlifebodyworks.typepad.com/weblog/simon filming in Truchillo.jpg" width="480" height="319" alt="simon filming in Truchillo.jpg" /> <img src="https://quantumlifebodyworks.typepad.com/weblog/liz filming in desert peru.jpg" width="480" height="319" alt="liz filming in desert peru.jpg" /> When we finally did arrive we found Lakshmi and her compadres in good hands and receiving the most voluptuous of attentions from Ysabel &amp; Olinda. ... Nonetheless shortly thereafter Lakshmi, Rob, Purdie and Dan arrived in Iquitos, and Lakshmi's meeting with dona Othelia confirmed my own intuitions, and she made arrangements to settle in for what has eventuated as a long stay in the jungle some 50km from Iquitos. <img src="https://quantumlifebodyworks.typepad.com/weblog/Untitled1.jpg" width="480" height="268" alt="Untitled1.jpg" /> I remained in observation of the process, documenting with Liz and assisting in ceremony with Othelia until the arrival of my family in Iquitos some time later. ... I will be providing vignettes of Lakshmi's process, Interviews with various healers and activists in this region, as well as providing a portal for informations produced by others in relation to such subjects at QUANTUMLIFE.TV This information will be exclusively multimedia, and I will continue to provide written updates about Quantum Life Bodyworks and my own personal journey, and the progression of the production of the documentary directed by LIz and I, as time and inspiration allow both here and at my website . ... So, if I am not too presumptuous in doing so, insofar as support for Lakshmi's healing journey I would like to thank directly my wife Jo, my daughter's Ruby and Maya, Rob, Purdie and Dan, Kerrie, Helen, Ysabel, Olinda, Liz, Simon and their daughters, Othelia, Nicholas, Nino, Carlos, Justin, Ferdinando, Gerry and Alana, Ron, Huachuma, Ayahuasca, Huaca Purana, Ajo Sacha and all the other healing and teaching plants.

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